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Marcelo de Oliveira Dietrich. Founder and director.


Associate professor of Comparative Medicine and Neuroscience at the Yale School of Medicine, Marcelo studies the physiological mechanisms underlying the development and regulation of behaviors in mammals. In addition to training scientists in his lab, he is passionate about growing the pipeline of young scientists in his native Brazil. He was instrumental in developing a joint program between Yale University and the Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education (CAPES) to recruit top graduates from institutions in Brazil to attend Yale’s combined Ph.D. program in Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS). The CAPES-Yale Graduate Scholars Program trains the most promising Brazilian students and prepares them to become international leaders in academia and industry. In addition, Dietrich and his colleagues organize the Yale-CAPES Seminars in Biomedical Sciences, an annual symposium that brings international researchers to Brazil where they interact with and inspire Brazil’s next generation of aspiring scientists.  

Contact info

Dietrich Laboratory

Yale School of Medicine
310 Cedar Street, BML 330C
New Haven, CT 06520
+1 (203) 785-2525

Twitter: @dietrich_mo

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