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Check out what our mentees say about being a YPMP scholar!


Méllanie Ferreira

UFSC, 2021 YPMP Scholar

"The most important thing is that the YPMP really inspired me to follow a scientific career abroad, something that has been very hard for young Brazilians to do these days. The IP team is very supportive and I am really grateful for this amazing and valuable experience. I definitely recommend this mentorship program for other young scientists like me."

"My time as a scholar in this project was filled with joy and gratitude. The meetings with the speakers and with my mentor always made my days better. There was this constant feeling of discovery which made me believe I could also be part of the scientific community. There is nothing more I could say other than thank you."

Jorley Santos

UFBA, 2021 YPMP Scholar

"Of the many lessons I learned from the program, one of the most important was to understand my value as a young Brazilian scientist. It helped me to break with the idea that foreigners are better prepared than we are. And that it is important to recognize and know

how to show our value, as we can become an inspiration to other young people."

Stephanie Sibinelli de Sousa

 USP, 2021 YPMP Scholar

Juan Carlos de Ariute 

UFMG, 2021 YPMP Scholar

"The workshops YPMP has provided us so far have helped me to think outside my comfort zone, feel more confident to risk new fields of science and even try selections for graduate programs abroad in the future. It has also been so fun to get to know people all around my country, with so different personalities and interests, and yet so many common opinions, dreams and fears."

Juan Ariute.png

Mateus dos Santos Silva  

UFPA, 2021 YPMP Scholar

"The most delightful part is that everybody has a completely different and rich experience from it. The Program has a way to touch its students where they are more sensitive, and due to this I support everybody to try this experience. I could meet, work and learn from incredible people that otherwise I wouldn't get in touch with. I feel that I’ve had grown so much this year, and the YPMP is one of the reasons for this".

Cecília Diniz 

UFMG, 2022 YPMP Associate

"The YPMP workshops have brought me enlightenment since the very beginning. Learning with experiences of top researchers helped me believe that I was capable of accomplishing my goals. You have always motivated us, and this was crucial for the reorganization of my plans for my future. I believe one of the most important workshops until now was the one about Mentors. I was provoked to better understand my needs and to reflect on my long-term career objectives. After this encounter, it became clear that I was in need of someone that understood how to conciliate clinical practice with basic research - not necessarily someone involved with neurology, as I once thought."

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