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For the registration you will be required to complete a form and attach the following documents/files (please, make sure you have them all ready when starting your application):

1) A video of yourself describing your Bio (2 minutes maximum in English);

    Note: The quality of the video will not be evaluated, therefore it does not need to be professional but good enough for us to see your face! We strongly recommend it to be recorded in a quiet place and in landscape mode! Be creative! To share the link for the video on Youtube with us, please do not forget to select the 'unlisted' option on the video sharing settings! Also, please, be mindful of the time! 


2) An essay sharing an example of something that you have been part of, created, led, or joined that you consider unique in your life; tell us why you think it is unique and how it might have impacted your life and/or your community (maximum of 250 words in Portuguese);

3) An essay describing your previous experience with science and education and how participating in this program would impact your career (maximum of 300 words in English);

4) A brief description of your current and future interests (maximum of 50 words in English);

5) A link for your Lattes curriculum;


6) Your CV (free format, in Portuguese or in English);

7) Your official academic transcript (in Portuguese OR in English).

   Note: During the application, you can upload an unofficial version of your academic transcript. However, if selected, you will be requested to send an academic transcript issued and signed/stamped by your university. If you are pursuing a Master's degree, please attach a copy of both transcripts (Master's and bachelors').

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