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For the registration you will be required to complete a form and attach the following documents/files (please, make sure you have them all ready when starting your application):

1) A short bio in video format (1-2 minutes, in English). Tell us something about yourself that you would like to share with us. Try to convey your passions and personal motivations. Original and creative videos are encouraged. Copy and paste the link for a private upload to YouTube. The quality of the video will not be evaluated, therefore, it does not need to be professional but good enough for us to see you. Please, record it in a quiet place and in landscape mode.


2) Share an example of something that you have been part of, created, led, or joined that you consider unique in your life. Tell us why you think it is unique and how it might have impacted your life and/or your community (250 words in Portuguese);


3) ​Make a brief essay describing your previous experience with science and education (250 words in English);


4) Will you need to make an important life and career decision on the next two years? Which career decision is this one? Please explain in details (250 words in Portuguese);


5) What would be the impact of the program in your career? (250 words in English).


6) Curriculum vitae (in Portuguese OR in English). Here you can download an example of CV to guide you (it is not mandatory to follow this example).


7) Official academic transcript(s) (in Portuguese OR in English). Please create a single pdf if you have more than one academic transcript. Undergraduate students must provide only one transcript. Master's students must provide both undergraduate and Master's transcripts. For application purposes only, we will accept online/non-official versions of the transcripts. However, if selected for the program, students will be requested to submit the official version of each document.

8) A high resolution headshot photo at 4:5 ratio in jpeg format (max 5MB). 

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