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the next generation of Brazilian scientists

and empowering 


With the support of Yale University, Iniciativa Proxima leverages the power of science and education as a driver of social change. Although the Iniciativa Proxima was launched in 2020, the desire to contribute to science and education manifested years ago with the creation of the ‘Seminars in Biomedical Sciences.’ This is a scientific event aiming to connect talented young Brazilian scientists with outstanding researchers from around the world. We now created a formal mentoring program -- the Yale-Proxima Mentoring Program -- to support Brazilian students in developing the necessary skills to pursue a career in biological and biomedical sciences. Through these programs, Iniciativa Proxima seeks to provide young Brazilians with world-class training and create an environment that fosters scientific discussions and high-quality science in Brazil.


We seek to inspire and advance the career of talented young Brazilian scientists with an interest in the field of biological and biomedical sciences to contribute to a stronger scientific education in Brazil and build a generation of competitive scientific leaders committed to improving society.


By supporting and training young talented scientists, we seek to reduce opportunity and achievement gaps in Brazil and foster the next generation of science leaders for the betterment of our societies and local communities.

  • Equity and inclusion

  • Cooperation

  • Transparency

  • Diversity of knowledge and expertise

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